Bird Roll Call: May 10, 2018

  • American goldfinch1,2
  • American robin1,2,3
  • Black-capped chickadee1,2
  • Blue jay1
  • Brown-headed cowbird2,3
  • Brown thrasher1
  • Canada goose2,3
  • Carolina wren (heard)1,2
  • Chimney swift3
  • Common grackle1,2,3
  • Downy woodpecker1,2
  • European starling1,2,3
  • House finch1
  • House sparrow1,2
  • Lincoln’s sparrow1
  • Mallard2,3
  • Mourning dove1
  • Mourning warbler* (a very exciting and unexpected visitor first thing in the morning!)1
  • Northern cardinal1,2,3
  • Northern rough-winged swallow2,3
  • Northern flicker1,2
  • Northern parula, possible (I believe I heard this bird’s call coming from several trees in Leawood City Park)1,2
  • Pine siskin1
  • Red-bellied woodpecker1,2
  • Red-tailed hawk4
  • Rose-breasted grosbeak (male and female in and out of yard throughout day)1
  • Ruby-crowned kinglet1
  • Song sparrow2
  • Tufted titmouse2
  • Warbling vireo, possible (not certain about this ID)2
  • White-breasted nuthatch (within a few feet of me as I was gardening and also took a bath in the birdbath by the back door)1
  • Wood duck2
  • Yellow warbler2

Locations — in my backyard, at Leawood City Park, at Meadowbrook Park, and while driving to and from these locations.

1. Seen at home
2. Seen at Leawood City Park
3. Seen at Meadowbrook Park
4. Seen while driving